Earthquake Sound Cinenova Grande 5 Channel Amplifier with XLR Inputs


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This is an Earthquake Sound Cinénova Grande 5 Power Amplifier. It is in very good condition, is functional, and has only slight cosmetic flaws.

The Cinénova Grande is conceived to reproduce “true to life” music as it was originally recorded, without tempering, coloration or compression. Like the finer things in life, the Cinénova Grande was conceived with love for details, hunger for power, and gratifying grace; consequently ranking it “at the top” in the realm of High Fidelity. Most of home theater systems sold to consumers integrate low power amplifier/receiver units, normally not exceeding 150 Watts per channel. However, professional theater systems employ individual components which provide the best separation and potentially a lot more power. Audiophiles agree that an audio amplifier is the heart of any system; it must be able to meet the demands of the softest musical passage to the thundering special effects of a movie, without sacrificing audio quality. The Cinénova Grande’s untainted sonic quality is only matched by its enormous power and stringent technical performance. The finesse of high-fidelity audio, combined with the mastery of multi-channel amplification, make the Cinénova Grande the cornerstone for a high-end home theater setup. This amplifier caters to both the music aficionado and the home cinema buff.


  • Multiple heat sinks
  • Peak LED indicators
  • Thermal protection
  • Oversized bifilar toroldal power transformer with low DC resistance and thermal protection
  • Independent amplification blocks and power supplies
  • Built-in line conditioner
  • 5-channel and 7-channel configurations
  • Soft start circuitry
  • Fully balanced inputs
  • 12V DC trigger input
  • Three-way mode selection switch: high-pass, by-pass, low-pass
  • 20Hz – 5kHz variable crossover for each channel
  • Fuse fault indicators
  • Thermal protection against overheating
  • Speaker protection against DC and frequencies below 10Hz
  • Protection against short circuits, device failures, miss-wiring, and internal faults
  • Heavy duty gold plated output terminals
  • Front mounted removable handles

Additional information

Weight 105 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 10 in


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